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With an experienced team by your side, guidance in your native tongue, and professional management of the entire legal procedure, ClaimIt makes the overseas corporal injury claim process more accessible than ever before.


Let's get acquainted

During our initial conversation, we'll ask you to describe your injury and its effects on your life, in order to establish whether the facts justify a more in-depth evaluation.


Case Evaluation

Next, we'll ask for medical documentation and other relevant documents. Our Israel-based team and a local attorney will review the materials, in order to decide whether your case warrants a claim.

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Building a case

This stage includes consultations with expert physicians and in-depth deliberation with the local attorney. We'll also continue to collect relevant medical materials.

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Establishing the claim

After determining that your case is strong and signing an agreement, we will continue to establish your claim. This includes document translations and, if needed, filing relevant medical opinions.

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Working towards compensation

The claim will be managed by our trusted partner in the designated country until compensation is declared. Needless to say, the Israel-based team will follow the proceedings and provide ongoing guidance.

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