Terms of Use

Updated 15.01.2023
  1. General

1.1.       Welcome to the www.u-claimit.com website (hereinafter: the “Website”), which is operated, managed, and owned by Interclaims Ltd  which owns the brand: Claimit network (hereinafter: “the network” or “us”).

1.2.       Use of the Website is subject to the provisions and terms appearing in this document (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use“) and the Website’s privacy policy (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”), which constitute the legal basis for all matters between the users (hereinafter: “User” or “Users“) and the network (The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy shall hereinafter jointly be referred to as: the “Terms of Use”.). The User must read the provisions of the Terms of Use carefully and completely before using the Website.

Use of the Website constitutes the User’s consent to what is stated in the Terms of Use and confirmation that he/she has read the Terms of Use carefully and meticulously, understood them, and agrees that they apply to him without exception. To the extent that the User does not consent to what is stated in the Terms of Use, he/she must refrain from using the Website.

1.3.       These Terms of Use are written in the masculine for the sake of convenience only, and everything written herein shall be deemed as referring to the feminine as well.

1.4.       The Website is meant for use by adult Users (18 years and older) and is not intended for minors.

1.5.       The section headings are provided for the sake of convenience and are not demonstrative with respect to the interpretation of this document.

  1. Relationship Between Users and the Network

2.1.                 The Website and the information, the materials, and the opinions included on the Website are intended as general information about the Network and are not intended as legal or other professional advice, and the information on the Website may not be relied upon or treated as a substitute to legal counsel. Action based on information found on the Website should not be taken without seeking legal counsel.

2.2.                 Any inquiries, communications or instructions communicated by email, facsimile or any other means shall not be deemed received and no relationship established between you and Claimit unless and until a formal executed engagement letter has been entered into between you and the Network

.3. No Warranty of Results

The Website may contain descriptions of matters in which Climit partners successfully represented its clients. The results of these matters were dependent on their specific circumstances, and are in no way intended to be predictive of future results, even in similar circumstances, or offer any type of guarantee or assurance of outcome.


  1. Prohibited Uses

The following actions are prohibited, and the User may not (and may not permit any third party to) perform the following actions:

4.1.                 Use the Website and/or its content for any illegal, immoral, unauthorized, and/or prohibited use;

4.2.                 Use the Website and/or its content for commercial or nonprivate purposes, without the Network’s express prior written consent;

4.3.                 Remove or separate any restrictions or marks from the content and/or the Website that are indicative of the Firm’s or its licensors’ property rights, including any of the ownership notices appearing therein (such as ©, TM, or ®);

4.4.                 Violate and/or harm the rights of Users to privacy and other rights, or collect personal information about Users, whether manually or by use of any robot, spider, crawler, any search or retrieval application, or use of any other manual or automatic tools, processes, or methods to get into the Website and retrieve, collect, and/or obtain information;

4.5.                 Damage or disrupt the Website’s activities or the servers or networks on which the Website is stored;

4.6.                 Violate the provisions of any law in connection with the use of the Website;

4.7.                 Perform any action that creates or is likely to place a heavy load on the Website’s infrastructure;

4.8.                 Circumvent the tools that we use to prevent or restrict access to the Website;

4.9.                 Copy, amend, modify, customize, hand over, make accessible, translate, refer, reverse engineer, convert binary code into open code, decompile, or separate any portion of the content or the Website, or present to the public, create derivative works from, make, distribute, give a sublicense of, make any commercial use of, sell, rent, transfer, lend, process, collect, integrate with other software – any of the material subject to the Firm’s proprietary rights, including the Network’s intellectual property;

4.10.              Sell, give license, or take advantage of, for any commercial purpose, use or access to the Website;

4.11.             Violate the Terms of Use or any part thereof.

  1. Intellectual Property

5.1.                 In the relationship between the User and the Network, the Network is the owner of all of the intellectual property on the Website and the Website’s content (including all information and documents published on the Website) and, among other things, icons, graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, as well as the preparation and presentation of them.

5.2.                 Without the Network’s prior written consent, the User may not copy (in whole or in part), transfer (whether electronically or by other means), modify, or use the content of the Website for any purpose.

5.3.                 Users may not remove from the Website and the content published thereon, notices of copyright, intellectual property, legal notices, or any other information, including identifying information from documents downloaded from the Website.

5.4.                 Nothing stated on the Website, expressly or implicitly, constitutes the granting of a license or right to use the Network ‘s intellectual property.

  1. No Liability

6.1.                 The information published on the Website is general information only that is provided on it on an “as is” basis for noncommercial use, without any warranty or obligation of any kind, including without limitation, any warranty that the information or content are suitable for any purpose, including the User’s purposes.

6.2.                 The Website, including all the content presented on the Website, does not constitute, and may not be viewed as an offer or placement of an order on the part of the Firm or any of its agents to provide any service whatsoever. Moreover, the content of the Website does not constitute legal advice on any topic whether directly or indirectly. The User commits to seeking the advice of an attorney in order to address any legal issue.

6.3.                 The Network invests great effort to include correct and update content on the Website. Nevertheless, the Network cannot ensure that the information published on the Website is correct, complete, or suitable to any purpose whatsoever. The Network shall not bear any liability, including in any matter regarding responsibility for the exactitude, completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the content included on the Website or that the content reflects up-to-date legal developments, precedents, or up-to-date legislation.

6.4.                 The Network invests great effort to ensure the maintenance and availability of the Website and its content and its services, but use of the Website may be permanently or temporarily interrupted, halted, suspended, or delayed.

6.5.                 The Network (including partners, employees, representatives, etc.) shall not be liable for any harm (including direct, indirect, or consequential harm such as harm stemming from loss of profits, loss of data, etc.) suffered by the User as a result of and/or in connection with the use and/or lack of ability to use and/or the results of use of the Website and the content included on the Website and/or as a result of exposure to computer viruses or other malware based on any legal theory, whether in tort, contract, or otherwise. In such case, the sole and exclusive remedy available to the User is to leave the Website.

  1. Links to Websites

The Website may offer links, hyperlinks, or banners to other websites that the Network does not supervise or review, including as to their reliability or legality or anything relating to their security and/or privacy protection policy. Therefore, the Network shall not bear any liability and is free of any responsibility in connection with any harm, loss, or expense, of any type whatsoever, whether direct or indirect and/or circumstantial and/or consequential, caused and/or that shall be caused to the User and/or to a third party from use of the Website and/or such webpages and/or the content published thereon. Without derogating from the above, the User commits to fulfill all the provisions and terms of those websites and/or webpages and comply with them.

  1. Breach of the Terms of Use and Obligation to Indemnify

The User commits to indemnify and compensate the Network and any of its agents, including partners, employees, or representatives, for any harm, loss, loss of profits, lawsuit, payment, or expense (including attorneys’ fees) that is incurred by the Network in connection with a breach of the Terms of Use.

  1. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and provisions set forth in the Terms of Use as well as any modification or amendment thereto, and using the Website, shall be regulated pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel regardless of the choice of law clauses applicable therein. Jurisdiction in connection with any dispute and/or lawsuit arising in connection with use of the Website and or relating thereto is given exclusively to the courts of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

  1. Changes and Updates

The Network may, at its exclusive discretion, modify the Terms of Use from time to time, without being required to provide notice or warning. The updated Terms of Use that shall be published on the Website shall bind the User. Continued use by the User after the terms are updated, shall constitute the User’s consent to the updated terms, including the modifications.

  1. Miscellaneous

11.1.   In the event that any of the provisions of the Terms of Use is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal and/or invalid, despite the Parties’ intent, this shall not void the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use and/or remaining sections of the provision that was voided and/or narrowed by such court of competent jurisdiction.

11.2.   Nothing in the Terms of Use shall derogate from any right granted to the Network and/or any of its agents pursuant to all law.

11.3.   The Network reserves the right to modify the Website, add or remove content, as well as suspend or terminate the Website’s availability at any time without prior notice.

11.4.   The User is not entitled to delegate his rights and/or obligations pursuant to the Terms of Use to another.

  1. Contact Us

In case that you have additional questions or comments relating to the Terms of Use, you can contact us by email to [email protected].


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